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All  things beautiful

I’ve always loved photography. This portfolio is a sneak peek of my world, things I find beautiful and inspiring.  You will find travel, food and fashion photographs, anything that I love, cherish and that inspire me everyday. Welcome to my world.

robe et hortensia.jpg

Flowers are such a strong source of inspiration. Beautiful on prints and in life !

vin blanch chambord.jpg

Having a glass of wine in such a beautiful place : Château de Chambord.


Sightseeing in Blois. Fascinated by the beauty of this cathedrale.

moutons chambord.jpg

Meeting new friends in the countryside.

In the park around Château de Chambord.

solene chambord.jpg

Château de Chambord, July 2020.

Breath taking and so inspiring...

moscow mule.jpg

It's alway moscow mule time  right ! 

Here at the beautiful hotel Le Saint Rémy.

sac douce mariage.jpg

Douce Mariage beautiful packaging.

Can't wait to wear this dress for my wedding.

cocktails barge.jpg

Cocktails in the afternoon. Colors and textures, what's not to like !

edouard omaha beach.jpg

Found this amazing spot in Ohama Beach in Normandy. July 2020.

toits de blois.jpg

Beautiful roofs in Blois, France. 

vigne mercurey.jpg

The vine is beautiful under any weather. Here in Mercurey, it is magical.

porte perouge.jpg

Beautiful old door in Perouges, France. 

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